Recycling is just rubbish

In the light of last month’s detailed analysis of the shortcomings of plastic recycling that ran in The Conservation: we decided to reprint this article from Geoff Ebbs’ 2007 book – Sydney’s Guide to Saving the Planet.

Statistics have not been updated and refer to 2007. Shockingly, most of these numbers are worse today than they were 12 years ago.

The business of waste

Our major metropolitan areas are running short of landfill and it is being transported increasing distances. Sydney ships around 400,000 tonnes of waste to Woodlawn, near Canberra, every year. Domestic waste makes up around 30 per cent of the total waste produced  with more than 40 percent of that waste goes to land fill. The vast majority of domestic waste is still dumped.


SnöApe emodies Great Notion thinking

Snoape logo

Snöape’s founder, Benjamin Monteiro, studies business and marketing with Great Notion founder, Geoff Ebbs, at Griffith University. Launched in February 2019, Snöape is based on the business model developed with Geoff and embodies the Great Notion approach.

Ben decided to create a business in the way that he believes a business should be run.  Ben strives to operate his company with an altruistic approach; where the environment, his employees, and his customers are put first before profits. He is proud to own a business that cares about the quality of his products, from the materials used right down to the impact that they have on the earth.  He wants to create a better world; a world where products are not just made for the profiteering of companies, but a place where decisions are thoroughly thought-out, as every action has a consequence.